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The City of Sebastian is recognized as the home of Pelican Island, the first designated wildlife refuge in the United States. With beautiful parks, riverfront districts and local community arts and festivals, our residents enjoy these entertaining events and explore the many offerings the Treasure Coast provides.

Weekly outings include much more than the traditional trips to grocery stores, shops, and libraries. At Pelican Landing, we provide our residents the chance to experience the very best their city has to offer. Our 52 week calendar incorporates interests for all.

These visits may include:

  • Sporting Events – A visit to the PGA Museum of Golf celebrating 95 years of PGA history
  • Concerts and Festivals – Join the merchants of Sebastian for the annual August event, “Grill out With Sebastian” for good food, fare and entertainment
  • Museums and Art Galleries – Visit the McLarty Museum showcasing items from the shipwrecked Spanish Plate Fleet of 1715
  • Historical Attractions – Appreciate a tour to the Liberty Bell Memorial Museum showcasing milestones in American History