Shawn Lane,
Director of Information Technology

Shawn’s passion for technology can be traced back to his pre-professional days. Ever since getting his first computer Shawn has never stopped being passionate about learning everything he can about technology. Shawn brings over twenty plus years of information technology experience to Watercrest. Over the last ten years, Shawn has worked for manufacturing and logistics companies. He brings extensive IT knowledge of setting up networks, managing vendors, establishing processes and managing projects.

Shawn is looking forward to his next journey into the senior living space. Using his knowledge, he will drive Watercrest to the next level in using technology for its employees and residents. He understands the value of technology and the benefits that can transform an organization.

Shawn is originally from Charlotte, North Carolina and currently lives in Germantown, Tennessee with his best friend and loving wife Whitney. He has three sons Ayden, Dylan, and Cooper. In addition to enjoying spending time with his family, he regularly volunteers for the City of Germantown in which he lives. He has served on the Germantown Historic Commission and Bike, Pedestrian and Walkability Taskforce. He currently serves on the City of Germantown Education Commission.