Sebastien Watteau

Sebastien Watteau
Area Director of Culinary Operations

Although born in the Loire Valley in France, Sebastien spent his childhood in Mexico where he experienced some of the best hospitality.  He remembers in particular club Maeva, a spectacular beach resort in Manzanillo, where he was introduced to a delectable seafood cuisine.  The fusion of exquisite feasts, and caring service, created a luxuriant experience that made a profound impression in the young boy.  He recalls his heart was set on working in the industry since that moment.

Sebastien left to Seville, Spain after high school, where he completed a brief stint at a hospitality school.  Duty called, and he returned to France to complete his mandatory military service, ending up as a cook in a hotel for high ranking military officers. Sebastien then returned to McAllen, TX, where his mom was living, and enrolled at Texas State Technical College where he completed an Associate’s degree in Food Service.

After graduation, Sebastien went on to establish a diverse and intriguing culinary career. He owned two restaurants in Texas, which garnered him favorable press, and resulted in his recruitment to work at the luxury hotel La Posada,  in Laredo, Texas, as its Executive Chef.

Sebastien’s next move was to the world’s political power center – Washington, D.C., where he worked as a Food & Beverage Director at the Hyatt, located in the heart of the District.  However, It wasn’t long before Sebastien crossed over into working as an Executive Chef at federal agencies such as the CIA, NIH, and even the White House.

The combination of experiences in hospitality, public service, and diverse cultural immersions, fine tuned his core value of “service”.  Now, Sebastien is excited to be imparting his service at Watercrest Senior Living where everyday he looks forward to inspiring the dignity and celebration of life through his culinary skills.

Sebastien continues to enjoy immersing himself in other cultures and travels extensively with his wife.  Together, they also enjoy visiting restaurants featured on the Food network.  In the end though, his most cherished moments, are when he’s cooking at home, together with his wife, surrounded by their friends and family.