frequently asked questions (faq)

Selecting a senior living residence for you or a loved is one of the most

important decisions you will make. Pelican Landing wants to join you on the

journey of selecting the most desirable residence. We understand that many

seniors and their families have questions regarding assisted living. The following

are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you have additional

questions please contact us directly:


About Pelican Landing:


Pelican Landing associates share a purpose and passion for serving others.

As neighbors, family members and friends, we share an emotional connection

that inspires a sense of community at each of our locations. Our team fondly

calls this company wide effort our “Common Unity” Program. Our mission, to

welcome, to care to serve settles in the hearts of all associates to create the

best possible residence for our seniors.


• Coordination of Care


• Community Programs & Activities


• Amenities & Environment


• Associate Development & Staffing


• Move-in Process


• Cost & Fees





coordination of care


Q:  What Care options are available at Pelican Landing?


Pelican Landing offers assisted living, memory care neighborhoods, short term

stay as well as hospice and other care services. Each resident will have an

interdisciplinary team which assist in providing and developing the care the

resident needs. This may include physicians, specialists, nurses, home health

services-physical, speech and occupational therapies, dermatology, podiatry,

audiology, optometry and in house laboratory and x-ray provider.


Assisted Living provides resident assistance with activities of daily living

including getting dressed, medication assistance, bathing, housekeeping chores

and laundry, and other individualized services. Assisted Living residents have a

service plan tailored to meet their specific care needs.


Memory Care Neighborhoods provide a safe and specialized environment for

seniors with cognitive needs. These neighborhoods are designed to provide the

best layout and engagements for our residents.


Short Term Stays, often called respite stays, are typically pre-arranged so

individualized service plans can be created. Respite programs provide planned

short-term and time-limited breaks for families and their caregivers.


Hospice Care is a model for quality and compassionate care for people facing a

life-limiting illness or injury. Hospice care involve a team-oriented approach to

expert medical care, pain management, and emotional and spiritual support

tailored to the resident’s needs and wishes.



Q:  How is my level of care determined?


A:  One of our Resident Wellness Director’s will meet with you and your loved

one prior to move in. The nurse will engage in a relaxed conversation, tailored to

your loved one, in order to collect information regarding current health needs,

past medical history, daily routines, enjoyed activities, and personal care

requiring assistance in order to determine the correct service plan. A state

required assisted living assessment form will also be sent to the primary care

physician to ensure continuity of care.

Q:  How is my service plan coordinated?

A:  Once the level of care evaluation is complete, our Resident Wellness

Director will create the service plan. This service plan includes: Personal care

needs and schedules, medication management service, interests and

programming, beauty and barber schedules, and much more.



Q:  Do you offer a medication program?


A:  Yes, our medication program ensures your loved one receives the

professional assistance needed to receive their medication as prescribed by

their healthcare professional. This service includes ordering the prescription(s)

from the pharmacy (you may choose to use our preferred assisted living specific

pharmacy or your own).



Q:  How long can my loved one reside in your community?


A:  We utilize the extended congregate care licensure which allows our residents

to receive nursing services above and beyond what is offered in a standard

license assisted living community. This allows our residents to remain in our

community for an extended period of time. Additionally, we partner with Home

Health Care agencies to provide physical, occupational, and Speech therapies

as well as specialized nursing services. Hospice services offer additional

partnerships to meet the individualized needs of our residents.



Q:  My loved one is relocating, do you offer assistance with finding a new physician?


A:  We provide the option of choosing your own physician. Additionally, a list of

primary care physicians will be provided. Some doctors make regular visits to

our communities, but there is no obligation to use their services. We provide

scheduled transportation services to and from medical appointments for

residents choosing an outside physician’s group.




community programs & activities


Q:  What activities do you offer for assisted living?


A:  At Pelican Landing we believe that every resident has a purpose to fulfill and

a passion to explore. Our programming provides our residents the platform to

reach their full potential. All of our programming makes use of the latest

technologies and includes trivia, word games, lectures, outings,

intergenerational programming, music, and more.



Q:  What specialized programming do you offer memory care residents?


A:  Connecting hearts and minds is our passion. Memory Care programming

seeks to answer three questions. If we can answer these three questions, then

we know we have created successful Memory Care programming.


• How is this programming engaging our resident’s senses?

• How is this programming expanding our resident’s minds?

• How is this programming enhance our resident’s emotions?


Our Memory Care programming is designed to access each resident’s strength

in these areas and deepen their connections.



Q:  How does Pelican Landing encourage resident involvement?


A:  All of our programming is based on relationships. We believe everyone

shares a common unity that can lead to great experiences. Through building

relationships with our residents, our Community Program Directors and

Programming Specialists discover the passion of our residents. We work hard to

convince every resident that we can be trusted and that we always have their

interests at heart. This trust opens incredible doors for resident involvement.




amenities & environment


Q:  Can you please describe your dining program?


A:  Dining at Pelican Landing of Sebastian is a feast for your senses. Our

professionally trained Chefs take pride in making sure every meal is properly

seasoned, perfectly cooked and attractively presented. We know how important

variety is and to make sure you never get bored we offer over 30 different lunch

and dinner entrées each week. Our Chefs also like replicating favorite recipes

submitted by our residents, after all this is your home.



Q:  Do you allow pets?


A:  Yes, Pelican Landing welcomes you to bring your pet. If you are comfortable

taking care of your pet and they are suitable to bring into the community, we

invite them to join the Pelican Landing family. Please communicate directly with

the community to obtain more information.



Q:  Do you offer transportation services?


A:  Yes, Pelican Landing offers transportation services to and from programming

events, physician appointments, and other scheduled community outings. Our communities schedule routine trips to local markets, grocery stores,

fine arts and culture centers and dining out on the town.



Q:  What type of individual wellness services do you provide?


A:  Pelican Landing residents benefit from the perks of our wellness programs.

This includes an active health and fitness calendar, health lectures with

partnering physician and colleges and licensed nurse’s available 24 hours daily.



Q:  What are the designated hours for guests?


A:  Pelican Landing welcomes friends and families to visit at the times that work

best for the resident.




associate development & staffing


Q:  What is the staff to resident ratio in your community?


A:  The Pelican Landing staffing pattern exceeds state requirements, the ratio is

variable and continually adjusts based on the needs of our residents in each




Q:  What training do Pelican Landing associates receive?


A:  Pelican Landing prides itself on providing an in-depth onboarding program for

all associates that exceed industry standards. Each new hire completes state

required courses through our online education learning system, they spend time

on the floor shadowing co-workers, and they attend a full day of new hire

orientation that is hosted by the Leadership Team. In addition, all new hire

associates participate in our well-defined 30 day onboarding program that

focuses on all aspects of caring for our seniors. Continuing education and

training is important to the success of our associates, and we require them to

complete monthly courses (both online and live) that enable us to ensure they

receive the tools and information necessary to serve our seniors.



Q:  Are there associates that are devoted to our memory care



A:  Yes, our Memory Care Neighborhoods have devoted staff members including

our Memory care Director, Resident Care Specialists, Nurses, Housekeepers,

and all community directors. In addition to completing state required training,

each staff member is a Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP). This certification

is a compliment to the comprehensive training our Memory Care staff receives in

the area of Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care.




move in process


Q:  How quickly can I move in?


A:  Prior to move-in, Pelican Landing will ensure that all resident needs are

personalized which will be created through our resident service plan. All

accommodations are made to ensure a smooth transition for the residents and

families we serve. Move-ins are scheduled according to the flexibility of the




Q:  What type of furnishings can I bring?


A:  Residents are encouraged to bring their own furniture and décor making the

apartment more personalized to their design style. Floor plans are available so

you can decide how furnishings will be laid out in your apartment.



Q:  My parents are married, can they reside in the same apartment?


A:  Yes, couples may reside in the same apartment.



Q:  Is the lease agreement long-term?


A:  No, Pelican Landing communities do not have long term lease requirements.

Our lease agreement does request a 30 day notice prior to moving out of the

community. The lease will be reviewed with you prior to move in and you will

also receive a copy for future reference. Lease information will also be outlined

in our resident handbook.


Please review our tips to ensure a successful move.




cost and fees


Q:  How much does Assisted Living cost?


A:  Pelican Landing understands that each residents individualized needs vary.

With that being said, you can expect a monthly fee for your apartment and care

needs identified on a resident service plan that is specifically designed for you.



Q:  What is included in my monthly fee?


A:  Base monthly rental fees include apartment accommodations with safety

features based on your selection of floor plan, all utilities, scheduled housekeeping and laundry services, maintenance, three nutritious meals daily served in our dining room, an active social, recreational and educational calendar, scheduled transportation to medical appointments, shopping and planned outings, and peace of mind knowing you are not alone and have staff available for assistance at any time.



Q:  When are fees due?


A:  Fees are billed and due according to your community’s billing cycles; we will

review with you at Residency Agreement signing.



Q:  Do Medicare or other government agencies help to pay for fees?


A:  No. Medicare will only pay for care in Medicare-certified skilled nursing

facilities or through Medicare-certified home health or hospice agencies.


The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides long-term care services to

some eligible veterans; please contact your local office for your individual



Medicaid may help pay for home health care, nursing home and other long-term

care services if you have low income and meet other eligibility requirements.

States usually will assess your need for help with activities of daily living (for

example, toileting, bathing, and dressing) and your need for nursing care.

Check with your local office to determine your eligibility and with the assisted

living community to see whether it is an option at their location.



Q:  What other options are available to assist with costs?


A:  We recommend you always check with your attorney or financial advisor for

guidance in payment options, as each individual’s situation is unique. You can

also ask them for advice on tax benefits or deductions that you may qualify for.


In addition to private payment sources, you can also discuss with your financial

advisor or insurance agent to determine if you have benefits available through

existing policies. Always consult your own professional advisors whenever

discussing matters of financial importance.


Your local Area Agency on Aging can also offer valuable resources. You can

locate your local office at the Administration on Aging website.

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